Mistle Thrush, Port Marine

New patch birds are getting hard to come by but this morning one of these robust thrushes flew over Kestrel Court then another perched near the Waitrose scrub. What a fine birding spot that could be – right up there with Pilliga Scrub in New South Wales. Ha-ha, I don’t think.

In the IOC taxonomy mistle is the last of our thrushes before an army of South Americans precedes American robin and a few Caribbean thrushes. Then come the cochoas. Did you know they were thrushes? Did you even know they existed? I didn’t.

All that, and more, happens before we get to our own robin – now no longer a thrush but a flycatcher.

Here endeth today’s flit through the tree of life because the Bristol Ornithological Club has tweeted waxwings in Avonmouth. I’ll have a go at them on the way in to the Bristol Writers Group (and a Post Office that doesn’t have queues stretching out the door, like Portishead).

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