Mid-Summer Port Marine

Where have the birds gone? What remains is a strange mix: the usual waterfowl in the marina; gulls with their handsome juveniles; pigeons; the corvids; great tits but oddly no blues for a while; other passerines that find breeding niches in a modern housing estate.

Surprising among these are goldfinches and linnets. We’re blessed. Indeed these finches are year-round companions. Starlings too maintain a precarious clawhold in their general retreat from our avifauna. House martins chirrup through the skies by the lock gates. How long before developers destroy their last bastion? Not long if one is to believe notices posted on the building.

Then our summer list will be all the poorer and winter the only season to watch birds. They’ll come for the warmth and the food but only as long as they still have space to rear young. Otherwise they really will be gone.

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