Mediterranean Gull!

Phoenix Way Snow

I kid you not. With Portishead Marina almost iced over, one individual huddled in with the black-headed and herring gulls and – a patch tick – many common gulls. Indeed today has been a bonanza for patch ticks and caused the deferral of the post I had drafted this morning.

It all started with a snipe careering over the house as I stepped out. I even had notions of the bird being a woodcock but a very obvious darker head and breast made snipe the only candidate. Then on the way back over the main rhyne that was also turning to ice I hung on for one fieldfare in with the redwings and blackbirds.

Kidderminster Snow

But the snow has been keeping the bird news somewhat sparse lately. I thought I’d picture our backyard (above) instead of the front this time. And this shot is what it was like in Kidderminster on Saturday and why the Saints game at Walsall was off. The stuff is following me around.

The owl prowl tonight is also off so my 2010 car-free list may have stalled at 106. Unless this weather brings in something truly exotic.

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