Little Owl, Westwood Manor

NT Westwood Manor, Wiltshire

It was last day of the season for this Wiltshire National Trust house and the rain it had rained all morning but was slowly ‘clearing eastwards.’ Not that the rain should have mattered because a house is indoors, right?

Right. Except I also wanted to see what the birding was like nearby, to make a trip of it. In this case I aimed to investigate the Kennet & Avon Canal from Freshford to Bradford-on-Avon, which should make a damn fine walk between two railway stations for the next in my series of Birding Guides. It turned out that Avoncliff will probably be a better starting point because it’s hard to get anywhere but Limpley Stoke from Freshford station. Being a request stop is the problem with Avoncliff: I always have visions of the train charging through regardless, but that’s probably just me.

Anyhow, that all needs another look and I had to be content with a few calls from what could have been a small yappy-type dog by Westwood Manor’s church but which to my ear were all little owl. I searched, but only found some undisturbed wood pigeons. All the same I’m marking the owl down as a first for Wiltshire.

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