Lesser Black-backed Gull

Lesser Black-Backed Gull

About time too! Species number 65 on the car-free list. The brisk south-westerlies seem to be bringing gulls over the house but they’re no way strong enough to justify a trip up to Severn Beach. Although I wonder if Portishead itself catches pelagic birds after such winds.

It’s funny: I’ve grown used to lessers being migratory. They’re missing from my Edinburgh January list and, further north, I have no Angus winter records. This year I had to wait until as far south as Marshside in Lancashire before they entered the 2010 list. I’ll bet not many non-Scots think of any gull being a summer bird.

It don’t quite have the same ring though, do it? One western lesser black-backed gull doth not a summer make.

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