Kingfisher, Port Marine

This was no day for hanging around. The north wind would have cut through ice although my new Thinsulate gloves performed well. I didn’t suffer that nasty pins’n’needles thang that sub-zero wind chill usually inflicts on me.

The reward for braving the elements at all was a superb kingfisher rocketing along the rhyne behind Portishead’s old Albright & Wilson works. I managed a decent 22 species despite bird numbers being low. That’s midday for you. I would have been out earlier but my iPod

Actually even before getting out of bed – how cool to be able to surf under the covers – I paired up my Dell’s Bluetooth headphones. That was astonishing because they have never paired with the laptop (Dell Inspiron) they came with, and have languished in a drawer for two years. Ah, it was good to get a bit of bass on the Foo Fighters and Queens of the Stone Age.

So after breakfast I started ripping some of my CDs into iTunes: Blue Aeroplanes first of course; then Blur; yes, I’m now going through them alphabetically. That should take a while. Like I said: productivity has come to an all-time low. Never mind, I won $480 at the poker table on Monday night. I only need to repeat that three or four times a month and I’ll never have to work again!

PS. A lot of crows (maybe rooks? They’re flying so fast) are heading north. Does this mean something?

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