Jack Snipe, Upton Warren

Woo-hoo! This is almost like a lifer. Twelve years since my last sighting, also at Upton. For a birding career of fifteen years, that’s a whopping great slice. And today’s bird was so obliging, bouncing like some cranky old car, catching the light enough to show its distinctive facial pattern. Where have you been all this time, guy?

Four species still remain on my British list that I haven’t seen this century. Any guesses? No-one’s reading this anyway, so I’ll tell you. Dartford warbler – twice in the 90s – grasshopper warbler, rosy starling, and biggest dip of them all, little tern – not since July 1996.

Now that I’m back south, I may have a better shot at it. Watch this space…

3 thoughts on “Jack Snipe, Upton Warren

  1. Hi Andy,

    Great to hear that you’ve managed to catch up with Jack Snipe finally. Did you manage it at the Moors or Flashes?


  2. The Flashes, from the Avocet hide (I think it’s called). Away off to the right in a wee patch of cleared reeds.

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