iPod Touch

Snow at Phoenix Way, Portishead

Productivity has been almost zero the last few days as I have played with my new toy. It replaces an aging Palm T¦X, which had developed enough dead spots on its screen that it was becoming unusable. At four years of age the old workhorse had become long in the tooth for technology. I’ll give it to my niece who likes the scribbling application on it.

But first I have to transfer notes, diary and addresses. The latter is the biggest job because I must do them one-by-one via vCards into my Vista Mail contacts. Then that thankfully syncs with the iPod. I needed to consolidate anyway and I still have unconnected details on my Nokia. I can feel an iPhone coming on at my next upgrade, not until August or thereabouts though.

I had the biggest fun in Costa yesterday morning when I discovered that the Facebook app also syncs contacts. I now have pictures for my social networking folk. I was happy because the vCard format wasn’t copying what images I did have on the Palm.

The notes will take time too. I’ve gone with Google Docs, which syncs with a neat little app called NoteMaster – £2.39 well spent. Docs sits alongside Google’s rather fine calendar and that syncs direct into the iPod.

I daresay I’ll bore you with more adventures in iPodland in due course.

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