Free Novel: A Romantic Tragedy


After six years this is approaching readability and it’s about time I had someone else’s opinion on that. So, the book is available as a free download and I’d love to hear what doesn’t work for you, what’s missing, what’s downright confusing, where you gave up, what’s wrong and where the plot-holes are. I know those will still be lurking.

Also lurking will be typos and formatting problems but I’ll weed them out or hire a proof-reader, so they are of less interest.

And don’t spare my feelings. I have none left. As far as I’m concerned, however the novel reads it’s evidence that I’ve passed through this world and that alone is good enough for me.

Of course better will be a book that I can seriously market, push through to Amazon, maybe even publishers and so on – the Not So Great British Novel. I’ve called it a romantic tragedy, which is not a genre, but my story doesn’t fit the standard classification. Maybe I should invent my own genre: ordinary lives; stories for the forlorn; novels of despair; grumpylit. I particularly like the last one.

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