Eastwood, Portishead


For non-urbanised passerines the best spot in town, bar Weston Big Wood, which is not really in town. From the Royal Inn a few minutes amble along the top path usually nets me pheasant… OK, it’s not a passerine but I’m always amused that one chooses to live up there. Great spotted woodpecker, jay, coal tit, goldcrest (but not alas the firecrest that others have been seeing this winter), nuthatch and my favourite, treecreeper.

This is such a hard species to find because it is the least noisy. I’m good at picking out its sibilant call, almost like a snake up a tree. I’m always doubtful about it but, every time I hear it, I find the bird. Its other camouflaging tactic, as the name suggests, is to stick close to tree trunks. This is not a bird for sitting out in the open and displaying.

Today, I didn’t continue down to Battery Point. I already knew that anglers meant no prospect of the purple sandpipers and I wanted to give the firecrest another crack. Typically, it had been located but didn’t show again while I searched. What are the odds it’ll hang around long enough for me to connect with it?

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