Eastwood between Showers

Dodgy Portishead Duck

More like downpours today and last night, so a little reluctant to venture on to Portbury Wharf. The shopping needed doing anyway and the route back from Eastwood and Battery Point allows that.

I included the Point in a forlorn hope that the gale-force gusts may have blown something up the Bristol Channel. The tide was out, so I had the added encouragement that most of the water was on the English side, Wales being largely sandbanks in that state. Anyway, I think the wind needs to be more persistently strong and with a greater westerly component than the southerlies we’ve been getting.

So, no birds there; little in the woods. Cue another saved-up rant (on the subject of weather)…

Solar energy is dirty. At least it is in the only bits of California left for it – the conservation areas. There doesn’t seem to be any question of taking land off the cattle barons. Y’know, the land that’s already degraded, where the only natural remnants cling to the roadsides.

This sounds like the wind turbine situation over here. “We can’t be having an industry in our countryside.” Er, we already have one: it’s called farming.

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