Corn Bunting, Dyrham Park

Dyrham Park

It’s been a good few weeks for this species: first, one up in East Yorkshire; then near Martin Mere; now, not quite on the National Trust estate but by the road down to Marshfield, which is their local stronghold. Another bunting, a yellowhammer also showed, for only the third time this year – a far cry from my Angus days when they filled the fields round Auchmithie. In fact, they even came to my feeders there.

I was in South Gloucestershire to check for quail, which I’ve only ever managed once, just outside Winchester. This discounts the poor trapped bastards that the fiendish Maltese use to lure innocent birds within range of their guns. That’ll all be starting up again soon. The most we can hope is that the loathsome, slimy Mediterraneans don’t shoot our birds, especially our marsh harriers.

And all to prove that they’re “men”. I don’t know: why can’t they just toss off to girlie mags, like the rest of the world.

No buntings on Malta either but that’s a whole other horror story of trapping and caging. I still can’t imagine why the non-brain-dead would want to holiday there. Better to go to Gloucestershire, which is civilised.

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