British Birding Year Ebook

British Birding Year

I catch up with the twenty-first century. My personal vignettes now come in bits’n’bytes courtesy of EPUB and PDF files. True, the PDF version was always an afterthought to the paperback but now it has ‘Digital Rights Management’. I believe this is a good thing for me: it stops willy-nilly copying, not that any sort of copying is rife at the mo.

What does it all mean? I believe (again) it means that my fellow moderns with their Kindles and their iPhones and their miscellaneous electronic book-readers – in short, the ebook generation will have the inestimable pleasure of downloading my birding words. To celebrate this Great Leap Forward, the introductory price will be £4.

£4 did I say? No, no, no. £3.50 – nay, £3. The cost of a pint and with no risk of a hangover.

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