Bird Tour by Train through Britain

British Bird Tour Book

The last of these for a while as I concentrate on something that may actually sell. So, I thought I’d make one copy a prize for a wee competition. And the competition’s simple: there’s no right answer, just whatever I think is the best answer.

Which is the top rail-connected birding site in Britain?

That’s it. The best suggestion wins the book.

I was musing actually why anyone would read one of my books? “No reason,” is the best I can come up with. What’s the reason for picking a favourite colour? Number? Horse in the Grand National? Football team?

My generation would have chosen the last of these by locality but nowadays what distinguishes Manchester United from Chelsea from Liverpool from Arsenal from… hell, let’s widen the net, Real Madrid, AC Milan and whatnot?

Maybe it’s free will. Or the spirit of adventure and exploration. Like the first person to eat strawberries, the first people to go to America.

Why should I even add my books into this life experience? You may as well ask why anyone would choose to live an extra year. Would they do it all in their allotted three score and ten? Mightn’t the 71st have some value too? Or why have another curry? (Assuming you like curry!)

Really I can only quote Mrs Doyle in answer: “Go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on.”

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