Bird Hunter

Dunnet Head, Scotland

Gun-free, of course. That’s what I am. My main talent is full access to BirdGuides – well, not a talent really, more an asset – which gives me a gateway to the skills of the best British birders and twitchers. This puts the icing on the cake of the less rare, but still hard to find, species, which I do dig out by virtue of persistence and knowledge of local patches.

And not so local patches: my experience stretches from this corner of Somerset, through the Midlands and up to the Highlands of Scotland. I can also claim Hampshire, Sussex, Norfolk and the north-east, thanks to my extensive travelling. Hey, and further afield throw in California and Australia.

I can also pretty much recognise every species I see and, more important, hear. It takes odd behaviour or an out-of-place bird to throw me.

Yet strangely, after fifteen years of birding, I still think of myself as having so much more to learn. Perhaps that’s a talent too. Dang! I can get even better at this.

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