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Bird Watcher's Digest

It’s that time of year again and the Walkwood Watchers are not watching Walkwood but perusing Portbury. Despite the day being overcast, but improving, the team, that is I, have raced past last year’s total of 18 in just one hour. The tally stands at 28 without the strategically placed pool (barely visible in the picture) delivering a single species. Indeed it’s been mostly passerines, including the redwings hoped for yesterday.

It’s amazing what you can see if you just hang around long enough. The highlights have been only my second snipe for the Wharf, towering away from the pool just to the left of the picture; and lapwings, which I’ve not seen since the beginning of March. Skylarks too, which have been absent nearly four months.

I’ll be back later. Maybe thermals will produce a raptor and maybe the odd duck will have dropped in. In any case I’m hopeful of doubling last year’s score.

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