Big Sat! (On Sun)

Mute Swans, Edinburgh

In the event, yesterday’s Big Sit! only gained another six species: mute swan and grey heron, improbably staying hidden until late for such large birds; a bit of a cheat with a very distant buzzard, maybe as far away as Wraxall; moorhen; lesser black-backed gull; and long-tailed tit. 34 in total and almost twice as good as last year.

The ponds were responsible for about four species. They’ll be so much more productive when the wildfowl really come in; yet it’s difficult to omit them from the viewing area. They have such potential. And they are only a five-minute stroll from Gibb Towers. I think I just need to get up earlier next year. But next year I could be anywhere: the record is against my still being in Portishead.

Anyway, the final highlight of the day was some 3,000 starlings doing their evening thing from the pylons and over the reedbeds. When I say 3,000, I suspect the true number was closer to 5,000. Not at the Somerset Levels millions mark but pretty impressive all the same.

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