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Back Up? Even WordPress?

Of course I do. Religiously. Don’t you? From my trusty old laptop my Documents and Pictures folders are squirreled away with SOS Online. And I even download this site to my hard drive. But I’m also a big believer in testing any backup. Can I recreate my data from it? Could I recreate this blog elsewhere?

After a bit of messing with config.php, looked like it was doing just that. Right now it shouldn’t show this post because its database is usually a couple of weeks behind the production version. That’s fine. I just wanted proof of concept.

Or is it fine? This morning I couldn’t understand why my header image (like it, by the way?) also magically mirrored the main site. Wasn’t it tucked away in the WordPress file structure? Which by that stage I hadn’t transferred. Perhaps there was some reference to it in the database? Some reference back to

Then I got it. The whole shebang is littered with absolute URLs. I couldn’t click away from without ending up back at world headquarters. The blog is committed to its original domain name. I can’t change it.

Which is also fine because the most I would consider doing is changing my host provider. Still, from now on I’m going to use relative links like this one back to my last WordPress problem. Just in case…

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