Aren’t All Dogs Dangerous?

Weston & José Enacting Dog-Fleeing Scenario

Snapping at the heels of pets as slaves, which I fully expect the government to ignore, Labour has dangerous dogs in its sights at least. Compulsory insurance for all pooches may be their answer. I’m sure we’ll get the usual whining about “the small minority” of irresponsible owners.

Not such a small minority that dog shit, for instance, isn’t a daily problem. So far the only solution to that appears to be erecting bins, just to be an eyesore and remind us even more about crap. At my expense too. Give me a nuclear power station, wind farm or line of pylons any day.

I believe medical opinion has the stuff that doesn’t go into the bins to be dangerous to our health, if not to the entire ecosystem. It’s certainly dangerous to my shoes, and bank balance when I have to replace them after treading in the mess.

José is glad he doesn’t have to run the gamut of the beasts, him being so small and all, and them being a top predator. He can understand how birds don’t hang around in their presence for the same reason. “Besides,” he adds, “I could always get a good dinner afterwards to replace the energy spent fleeing from them.”

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