All I Want for Christmas

I have so many notes on my old Palm – mostly ideas for posts that will never see the light of day on this blog – that transferring them one-by-one is turning into a mighty pain in the proverbial. So I’ve dumped the lot into a Windows text file, which Word converts into its format, which Documents To Go can edit. Its Premium version picks the file up from Dropbox and I can work my way through that at leisure either on the iPod or my laptop.

The birdy bit about all this is that yes, I did go down the DTG route. (At £9.99 it’s expensive by iPod standards but less than a tenner for a full office solution? I’m laughing. What makes me laugh even more is the poor saps who waste their lives writing shitty reviews on the App Store for programs that don’t even cost as much as a cuppa.) Any road up, Documents To Go will allow me to enter sightings onto the Excel checklists that I can get out of Wildlife Recorder.

What I really want is a Web app (with corresponding iPod version would be even more super) to keep all my trip lists, along the lines of BirdTrack, which would do but it’s not global. I think eBird has a stab at covering the world. That would be fine if it could see its way to implementing the IOC taxonomy. Otherwise it looks like individual countries have individual systems and never any shall meet.

Santa, are you listening?

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