A Trip to the Fair

Bird Tour by Train through Britain

The BirdFair, that is. Yes, it’s that time of the year again but instead of a couple of hours across from Redditch, the trip took nearly four up from Portishead – a bit of a miscalculation there.

So I didn’t see much and certainly didn’t have time to register any more than one little egret and the customary ruff. I did get a red kite at Cherwell Services on the way over, so today has largely rescued the whole shebang. A wee session at Upton Warren gave me my 187th year bird – to whit, green sandpiper. Then for good measure a solitary yellow wagtail dropped in to the Flashes for about five seconds and dropped out again.

There was no sign of the reported garganey despite my best efforts on several teal. Oh well, you can’t win ‘em all. Weather willing, I’ll return via Malvern and maybe Abergavenny tomorrow. I see them both as candidates for Birding by Train.

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