A Local Redshank and a Tragic Romance

Let the Time Come

If it’s on the marina side of the mud, it’s in Port Marine. That’s my rule, decreed today because for the first time a redshank was over the border. Any excuse for a local patch tick.

Any excuse apart from locking myself away for five weeks to kick the Great British Novel into shape. I knew I had some horrible dictation in there but less than I thought. More than I thought were the plot holes, non sequiturs, dislocations, missing scenes, superfluous scenes, passages even I didn’t understand and general naff writing. It’ll need another pass, for sure, but… it’s now readable.

I still have to fix the final few pages but as a free download the novel is available if anyone cares to cast a critical eye over it. I’d love to hear about the aforementioned plot holes, confusions, errors, indeed the whole gamut of what can go wrong with a novel.

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