2003: Bee-eaters, Malaysia

Blue-throated Bee-eater

A lunchtime hour at Severn Beach has produced nothing despite high winds blowing through the Bristol Channel. I never really have any luck there so let’s go back to when I was lucky on 3rd April seven years ago:

“Four days at sea had produced one frigatebird and a few terns. The Java and South China Seas were not exciting places for birds. So, I was itching to get ashore at Port Kelang, Kuala Lumpur’s port. Asia was going to be yet another ball-game in my round-the-world trip back home.

“The day started well with Pacific swallows and Germain’s swifts flying around the ship in the early morning. Then I got the surprise of my life when a tree sparrow perched on the roof of the terminal building. It made a very welcome change from the ever-present house sparrows and it was there naturally. I should add that I saw no feral pigeons or starlings during the day – another welcome change. The place was not without its introductions though. House crows made themselves very obvious early on and I managed to positively identify Javan mynas later in the afternoon. However, it was nice finally to see common mynas in their natural setting.

“The highlight, of course, was a pair of beautiful blue-throated bee-eaters. I had seen a flock pass over the ship without being able to separate them from possible blue-tails. But this pair gave me almost as good views as the rainbow bee-eaters in Darwin.”

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