2000: Skyline Ridge, Silicon Valley

Los Trancos, California

A tricky decision from May 28 at Los Trancos, which is bisected by the county line between San Mateo and Santa Clara.

“Many thanks to those who responded to my putative Scott’s oriole. It sounds like a yellow hooded oriole is the best explanation.

“I caught up with the indigo bunting at Los Trancos this morning. I may or may not have seen a western wood-peewee too (aren’t these flycatchers difficult?). Later on at the Russian Ridge parking lot, I heard a very distinctive call, which my CDs identified as the three-beers part of olive-sided flycatcher’s song. What happened to the quick bit? Is it usual for that to be missing?

“There were tons of lazuli buntings, some black-headed grosbeaks and a few chipping sparrows – nice to see them again.

“And it was hot, but still cooler than at lower elevations.”

So, was the indigo in Santa Clara?

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