2000: Hooded Oriole, Santa Clara

The missing description for my May 27 Los Altos Hills bird:

“Is this possible? I caught a glimpse of a large (i.e. bigger than a finch) lemon yellow bird with black foreparts flying over my house just now. I immediately thought of an oriole but the only one that fits that description is Scott’s. I notice that hooded may be yellowish but this bird was definitely very yellow. I guess that meadowlark is also a possibility but even with my brief look I’m sure I would have noticed the yellow chin.”

Finally solved for me on June 19 at work (Santa Clara) when I had a great view of a bright, goldfinch-yellow hooded oriole. I think the name is a bit misleading since the hood is the same colour as the body. But then I suppose that hooded merganser isn’t tremendously accurate either. I’d call a junco hooded.

Still, it’s all part of the fun.

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