2000: Hooded Oriole, Los Altos Hills

Hooded Oriole

Almost a two-month gap up to May 27 and my 148th Santa Clara species, which I had tried to turn into a Scott’s oriole. It was probably a hoodie but my description was vague enough to prompt a suggestion of western tanager!

“I had thought the bird too large for a tanager, although I see there’s not much [size] difference between that and an oriole. So, western tanager is a possibility: just look at Anna’s hummingbird to see how black red can seem. [The tanager’s head is dark red and hooded oriole has a black face.]

“I’m up at the junction of Page Mill and Moody, i.e. the top edge of Silicon Valley. I’ve been here nearly four months and already have a house list of 46 species – sans help from ducks, gulls or waterbirds of any description. It’s a good spot!”

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