2000: American Sparrows, Again

Savannah Sparrow

From March 29, the day after a somewhat easier Clark’s grebe had become the 108th Santa Clara tick during my Silicon Valley residence:

“Twice recently, at Mountain View Shoreline and Sunnyvale Baylands, I have seen a sparrow with a great deal of yellow at the front of the face. The rest of the markings were just like a song sparrow although not quite as bold, so I figured on white-throated sparrow the first time. Today though I got a better look and the white throat is by no means obvious. Also it is bordered by a somewhat streaky breast – not grey as it is in my National Geographic. And the legs and bill are pinkish.

“Could it be a song/savannah sparrow that has been at the turmeric?”

One thought on “2000: American Sparrows, Again

  1. Thanks for the continued Creative Commons use and use notes and attribution!
    The Pokerbird wrote Cracking shot, exactly what I wanted for 2000: American Sparrows, Again, as indeed the above comments reinforce.
    re: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mikebaird/390636219/

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