1-Day Bird Visit to London

1-Day Bird Visit to London

This is up to its third edition already, largely because I’m still tinkering with the format – no more ring-binding, hence much cheaper and no need for the ballast of an appendix. Here’s how it starts:

“Two sites should net you over 50 species. London’s star is peregrine falcon but no particular site is a favourite for it. Just keep your eyes to the skies, especially in high-rise neighbourhoods. A foreign invader is the other speciality, to whit rose-ringed (aka ring-necked) parakeet.

“Don’t ignore gulls: they were practically unknown in the capital until the late 19th-century. The prevailing theory is that the harsh winter of 1880/1 brought them in. They discovered how filthy we are, loved it and stayed.

“If you’re starting from anywhere but the south-west, make tracks to Regent’s Park. Especially if you’re new to British birds, it should not be too overwhelming! An Oystercard is the smart way to travel London’s Underground: single fares are generally cheaper and it guarantees that you’ll never pay more than a Travelcard for a day’s journeys.

“Once back at Baker Street, or Regent’s Park, tube station, take the Bakerloo line south to Waterloo for the train to WWT Barnes Elms.”

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