Reasons to Be Cheerful, Part II


This blog is a gift. Way back in 2002 I entered the Landmark Communication Curriculum to “get my ideas and thoughts out into the world.” I came away still with that intention, among a few unexpected others – the joy of the work – but no realistic way of delivering. It has simmered on the back-burner ever since. I can’t even say that trying to be a novel writer has satisfied the urge.

And now, this. OK, so no-one’s reading the blog but it is out there, sitting like a landmine. All these crazy notions have somewhere to go; they don’t just clutter up my head and drive me mad. It’s great.

It’s what I do best too. If I truly had something to give to the world, thinking would be it. That’s why I was a programmer. That’s pure thought. With enormous doses of isolation and frustration. Man, that drove me crazy too and, in my busy-ness, left me no time or energy for this kind of thought. Sounds familiar? Perhaps we could all give ourselves a little more time to think or to consider those who carve out such time.

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