May You Live in Interesting Times

Mississippi River Flooding

Why should I support the planet protection show anyway? I have no children and I’m likely to be dead before the start of even the worst-case scenario. This is a shame…

I really enjoyed New Orleans’ flooding and can’t wait for an encore. A few copycat acts would be in order. London, Amsterdam and Venice spring readily to mind as the stars of tomorrow. And those turns where deforested hillsides tumble over villages, they’re way cool. I like the surprise performances too – volcanoes, earthquakes and bush fires decimating residents of the only land they can squeeze on to.

And have you seen the hurricanes? Awesome. Drought is a bit boring and famine is so last century. I see there’s an extinction revival but it doesn’t really have the X-Factor. I almost nod off during that one.

Still, I may catch the overture before the curtain goes up. To the rest of the audience: grab your popcorn and soda, sit back and enjoy the show!

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