Licensing Creative Commons Pictures

What is the deal with including the exact licence and attribution for share-alike (SA) images? I always use the photo as a link back to its source – usually on Flickr – and include the owner’s copyright in the title. But I’m a bit vague about the need to reproduce the actual licence. I rather hope my own Creative Commons (CC) SA licence at the foot of every page covers it. Would that be right?

I do use another scheme for an image where I want to use its link or title for my own purposes. CC can produce a small widget for the exact licence of a photo. It lives as a link right at the foot of a page reached by clicking Flickr’s additional rights information. This itself lives somewhere down the right-hand column of the photograph’s page. Yup, it’s not easy to find.

It is then easy to paste some generated HTML after the image followed by the photographer’s name as a link to the source material. This picture shows it in action. Feel free to browse and use the HTML.

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