Kingfisher, Arrow Valley Park


A fitting swansong to my Redditch list, given that the town’s shopping centre is named for the bird. It’s taken 28 Arrow Valley visits to add the species, which it seems appears there often enough.

The Alcedinidae family sits between rollers and bee-eaters and one can readily believe it from the vivid colours of all the species. However, the BOU places rollers last. In North America, Sibley has the kingfishers’ position on the money, between trogons and woodpeckers. The AOU follows this order too, which puts all the families next door to the hummingbirds – again noted for iridescent plumage.

In a strange dislocation, or discontinuity mathematically speaking, swifts precede the hummers. One could hardly imagine a greater contrast, especially in terms of plumage.

This time next month, I should be in Peebles. I’d like to think that the Tweed could supply kingfisher for that list. Where’s your favourite kingfisher spot?

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