Help the Planet: Kill Yourself

Failing any other way, it’s a fine last resort and exactly what the planet may do unto us before we do unto it. Redneck philosopher, Rush Limbaugh, is obviously getting the message about overpopulation and his think-tank has arrived at this novel approach. Admittedly he aims the idea specifically at Andrew C. Revkin, environmental journalist – no, sorry, militant wacko and jihadist, in that well-known nest of the unbalanced, the New York Times.

News just in for Mr Limbaugh: extraordinary breakthroughs from so far left-field that they have to be positively commie mean we can help the planet without killing ourselves. A little restraint may be in order, let’s say in the genital department. A frightening counter on the Ecology Fund website scampers ever upwards with extra mouths to feed.

In the consumption department too: but here we have the further option of business as usual balanced by offsets to our impact on the good ship Earth. Oh, but Rampant Rush doubts that we’re having any impact.

Some loony leftie rag, actually the New York Times again, today highlights one more consequence of world population growth. But it’s not humanity’s doing. It’s… er, it must be the communists/muslims/jews/cylons/…*

* Delete as applicable

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