Goosander, Upton Warren

Female Goosander

123. “O’Leary,” should follow that little opener to continue the previous post’s theme of crappy pop songs. Des O’Connor and Partridge Family fans please don’t worry: that’s just my crappy opinion. Which leads further and further away from…

123 species at Upton Warren now with this afternoon’s fine female preening on one of the islands at the Flashes. My American readers know this bird as common merganser and this is the IOC preferred name for the more fresh-watery species of the Mergus genus. Strange that it chose the saltier part of the reserve.

In Western Europe and North America the other Mergus is red-breasted merganser and females of the two species can be hard to separate at a glance. However, it’s generally not hard to pick out the goosander’s white chin and neater head – no bad hair days for that chick.

I don’t often see dusk fall at Upton and some interesting stuff came in: grey wagtail; meadow pipits; and a common gull, which is not so common in Worcestershire. I was again hoping for jack snipe or even an owl but the rapidly dropping temperature and prospect of the repeat of Life drove me away.

Definitely looking forward to Life tomorrow: it’s all about birds.

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