Bin Malta: Book Tanzania Instead

Lesser Flamingos

Looking for a winter break? Maybe the usual Mediterranean fortnight? Maybe Malta, still a popular choice for Brits? Well, they do speak English, post their mail in red boxes and cross the road by belisha beacons; but, but, but, but, but…

I’ve done their grim gunmen to death, unhappily in a figurative sense not literally. So, let’s be happy. See how or where a tourism model could work some other way. News just in suggests Tanzania, whose enlightened villagers – and, by God, doesn’t that sound patronising especially as we call the thugs of Malta citizens – anyway the residents around Lake Natron have committed themselves to its protection and hence the conservation of a globally important lesser flamingo population.

Bit of a way to go? More CO2? Perhaps. Perhaps offset by the tourist shillings pouring into the Natron villagers’ worthy coffers.

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