A Wild Ibis Chase

Bird Flock
Creative Commons License Martin Fisch

Darn thing! The Wednesday Crew covered a great deal of the Holt/Grimley area yesterday while the glossy ibis lurked on the other bank of the Severn. My second failure. Still, we managed to pick a couple of pink-footed geese out of a flock of about a thousand Canadas.

Well, I say a thousand but estimates varied from an initial couple of hundred up to my figure of 1,000. In any case, it showed that this business of counting flocks invariably reveals considerably more individuals than the first gut reaction. So, we had the occasional flock of 50+ skylarks, 20 or so meadow pipits and God knows how many redwings throughout the day. They really have invaded, which is just grand news.

So, next time you see a few birds, stop and count them. It’s easy: group ten individuals; estimate groups of a hundred from those ten; and so on. At most, it’ll be a three-stage process. You’ll be surprised.

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