A Meaning for Bird Conservation, Redux


Life has no meaning. Try that on. There is no purpose.

What do we do with that thought? What do we do without it? Both the same: we hand over the choice of meaning to others: to religion; to politicians; to leaders in general; to what society wants; or to our culture. The responsibility of choosing for ourselves is too great. Our condemnation to be free sends us scurrying back to the chains.

But what if you actually do choose, authentically, for yourself? What if you decide the meaning of your own existence? What if you create your own purpose? Not just one, many if you want? Make a blind leap of faith and keep on making it?

I propose one. You have consciousness, unique as far as we know in the universe. You have the ability to observe and appreciate. What if that were your purpose? And why stop at appreciation? Why not acknowledgement, nurturing, protection, guarding? Guardian of the universe? Awesome.

I started with birds. Before them… hell, I don’t know what I was. Since then it’s been a journey of fifteen years that’s taken me up and down, through Landmark Education and on to a wider enjoyment of nature, the environment and this planet. But it started with birds and they’re still my final measure.

And it’s not looking good.

So, I’ve added this blog to the actions arising from my commitment. I write with the intention of touching a chord, being a catalyst, maybe the final straw for someone, maybe an epiphany. Maybe they’ll get upset, do something contrary to the intention. Yes, there will be breakdowns too.

Whatever. I know someone’s out there, waiting for a nudge. Then they can let rip, do what their heart tells them. It’s all up to them.

Is that you?

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