A Meaning for Bird Conservation

Bird protection connects this journal’s themes of rampant versus endangered populations, nature conservation and the philosophy of going beyond right and wrong to transform these challenges. Landmark Education has taught me that a zero-sum game with its goals at each end of right and wrong, or justification and invalidation, wins us only frustration and anger.

My challenge is to transform the Goliath of self-serving, self-righteous men dominating the David of the environment, which most of us would champion. Obviously: without it we’re fucked. My measure is birds, especially raptors, top of the food chain.

How shall I win this game? Not without you. It’s your journal too. I hope our communication leads to sharing ideas, possibilities and the sheer enjoyment of birds and nature. And the difference we make while playing for our own transformation and that of the planet’s persecutors.

4 thoughts on “A Meaning for Bird Conservation

  1. Thanks for that. And what you’re doing helps too. The only way birds, or any of nature, will get a say in what happens is through us.

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