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A British Thanksgiving

Curry & Beer

Just to participate – I feel 10% American anyway having spent that much of my life over there – thanks for curry and beer. That’s got the food out of the way. To expand on the gratitude for this blog, thanks for the Web 2.0 in general. What a great way of connecting and forming new friendships, old ones of which are also on my thankful list.

Thanks too for poker, and all games, especially when I’m running hot, which I have been over the last few days. Thanks for the stars, and the lucky stars to continue the last thought. Thanks for travel and trains to help me get places or just to look good streaking through the countryside. And thanks for a brain so I can appreciate and think about these things.

So, I’m going to mark my thanks in a very odd way. I’m joining in with Buy Nothing Day, which rather neatly echoes’s word for the day (if you’re quick!)

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